SLA Buddy

Meet SLA Buddy, your Slack bot for proactive SLA compliance

SLA Buddy helps your team stay on top of your SLA goals by proactively monitoring your ticketing system and sending reminders to ensure you never miss a deadline.

SLA Buddy
Key Features

Proactive SLA Monitoring and Reminders

SLA Buddy integrates with your ticketing system to proactively monitor your SLA goals and send timely reminders to your team to ensure you never miss a deadline.

Zendesk Integration

SLA Buddy seamlessly integrates with Zendesk to monitor your tickets and proactively notify your team.

Freshdesk Integration

SLA Buddy also supports Freshdesk, allowing you to manage your SLA compliance across multiple platforms.

Customizable Reminders

Tailor SLA Buddy's reminders to your team's preferences, ensuring they get the information they need, when they need it.

Technical Prerequisites

What you'll need to get started

SLA Buddy is built on a stack of powerful open-source tools that provide the foundation for its functionality.


SLA Buddy uses Supabase as its database, providing a scalable and secure backend for storing your SLA data.


The pg_cron extension for PostgreSQL allows SLA Buddy to schedule and run periodic tasks to monitor your SLA compliance.


The pg_net extension provides SLA Buddy with the ability to communicate with external services, like your ticketing platform.


Vault is used by SLA Buddy to securely store and manage your ticketing system credentials, ensuring your data is protected.

Edge Functions

SLA Buddy leverages Edge Functions to provide fast and reliable responses to your team, without the need for a traditional server-side infrastructure.

Supported Platforms

Integrate SLA Buddy with your ticketing system

SLA Buddy currently supports integration with the most popular ticketing platforms, with more on the way.

More to come...

We're constantly adding support for new ticketing platforms. Stay tuned for updates!

How it works

This tool continuously monitors designated Slack channels for new tickets, allowing you to customize priorities based on customer Tier/Plan. If a ticket remains unanswered for a specified duration, it automatically alerts support personnel within the channels. Acknowledgment of tickets is facilitated by responding within the thread with a @mention to the bot, which subsequently delays further communications by 30 minutes. For a more detailed explanation, you can check out the corresponding blog post here.

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